My name is Kirstin Green. Mosaics found me at the age of 15. Ever since then I have been drawn back to the medium again and
again. After finishing a double degree in classical
archaeology and photography at San Francisco State University
(1995-2000), I signed up with the Peace Corps, and went to Ghana.
In the months before leaving I started teaching
workshops and did two public projects in my hometown of
Coronado, CA.

I was in the Peace Corps from 2002 to 2004. Fortunate to be able to continue making  mosaics while in Ghana, I found
the bright, bold, geometric patterns of West Africa to be
inspiring. I still enjoy incorporating some of these elements into my mosaics. I am also greatly inspired by nature’s beauty.

Since 2004, I have been working as a professional mosaic artist and teacher. I have facilitated seven large scale mosaic mural collaborations with students and community members, in California, Africa and India. I have created dozens of wall hangings, signs, home installations and several pieces of public art. I am a member of SAMA (Society of American Mosaic Artists); The Universe was featured in the 2010 SAMA catalog and exhibit in Austin, Texas. I am also a member of CMA (Contemporary Mosaic Art). In addition to facilitating and creating mosaics for a living, I have done restoration work as well, including the work of Joseph Young, a mid century California mosaic artist.

love to travel. I spent a semester
in Greece studying classical archaeology. I stayed in Kunming, China for
months helping a friend design a line of jewelry made from recycled
chopsticks. I have spent a total of four years in Ghana since 2002.
I stayed for several months in Burkina Faso, learning about the art, culture
and music of West Africa. I went on an epic 2000 mile cycling journey
with my dearest love from Northern Ghana to Western Senegal in the
spring of 2006. I spent six weeks in Tema, Ghana, leading a large scale
community mosaic mural. I spent the fall of 2012 in Mumbai, India,
facilitating a large mosaic mural project at an international school. My
better half and I bring groups of teenagers to Ghana and/or India
nearly every summer for service adventures.  I am always looking out for
the next opportunity to combine my love for art and for travel.

order to sustain our life of
development work, community based projects and collaborative mosaics,
some of my colleagues and I have established our own non profit
organization. We plan to begin working under the umbrella of this small
501(c)(3) in early to mid 2013. Visit our website here: http://www.communitywings.org/.

occasionally write about food and travel. I am constantly on the
lookout for the most delicious vegetarian dishes across the globe. I
value healthy choices as well as stunning flavor. Visit my food blog
here: http://www.theveggievoyager.com/

have been with my better half for almost seven years. We have an
African village dog named Nana Mensah, and a cockatiel named Astro. I
adore yoga, even though sometimes I neglect my practice.

I enjoy art in every form. Other media I am conversant in include jewelry design using wire and beads, sculpture, photography, painting & drawing, ceramics, and stained glass. I am influenced by both ancient and
modern artists in every medium. Mosaic artists I admire include Niki de
St. Phalle, Antonio Gaudi, James Hubbell, and Marc Chagall. Each piece I
create teaches me something new and opens my eyes a little bit wider.

couldn’t imagine a life without mosaics.

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