I have three basic passions in life: art, travel and food. For the longest time, I have kept these realms separate. Especially in regards to my web presence, with several different websites and social media locations for all my different lifelines.

Years ago, a good friend suggested that I combine all into one website that was about food, travel and art instead of three separate websites. I’ve finally decided to do just that: combine everything into one location. The Veggie Voyager, Shiny Pieces and Kirstin Green dot com are all here now, presented as a mashup of vegetarian recipes, travels, and my artistic journey, as well as complete portfolio and other contact information.

Mosaics found me at the age of 15. Ever since then I have been drawn back to the medium again and again. After finishing a double degree in classical archaeology and photography at San Francisco State University (1995-2000), I signed up with the Peace Corps, and went to Ghana. In the months before leaving I started teaching workshops and did two public projects in my hometown of Coronado, CA.

I was in the Peace Corps from 2002 to 2004. Fortunate to be able to continue making  mosaics while in Ghana, I found the bright, bold, geometric patterns of West Africa to be inspiring. I still enjoy incorporating some of these elements into my mosaics. I am also greatly inspired by nature’s beauty.

Since 2004, I have been working as a professional mosaic artist and teacher. I have facilitated seven large scale mosaic mural collaborations with students and community members, in California, Africa and India. I have created dozens of pieces, including wall hangings, signs, home installations and several pieces of public art. The Universe was featured in the 2010 Society of American Mosaic Artists (SAMA) catalog and exhibit in Austin, Texas.

candid5.jpgI have been vegetarian for much of my life. One of my main passions in this world is great food, prepared well with lots of flavor and personality. I have studied with home cooks around the world, and this is reflected in my cooking. Even when I am not traveling, I focus daily on cooking, learning new techniques, trying new ideas, reading about, and enjoying good food.

From 2013-2015 I took a break from full time mosaic work and was head chef at Gelato Vero Upstairs, a popular breakfast, brunch and lunch cafe in San Diego, California.

I occasionally post recipes that I find to be worthy of posting, and when I travel I like to learn and share things about the places I go on my blog.

I love to travel. I spent a semester in Greece studying classical archaeology. I stayed in Kunming, China for two months helping a friend design a line of jewelry made from recycled chopsticks. I have spent a total of four years in Ghana since 2002. I stayed for several months in Burkina Faso, learning about the art, culture and music of West Africa. I went on an epic 2000 mile cycling journey with my dearest love from Northern Ghana to Western Senegal in the spring of 2007. I spent six weeks in Tema, Ghana, leading a large scale community mosaic mural. I spent fall of 2012 in Mumbai, India, facilitating a large mosaic mural project at an international school. We bring visitors to Ghana for service adventures.  I am always looking out for the next opportunity to combine my love for art, food, and travel.

In order to sustain our life of development work, community based projects and collaborative mosaics, we have established our own non profit organization. We focus on providing educational aids and opportunities to students in northern Ghana. Our current project is a learning center, library and computer lab. Visit our website here: http://www.communitywings.org/.

I have been with partner Ryan for almost ten years. We have an African village dog named Nana Mensah, and a cockatiel named Astro. I adore yoga, and it helps me in a myriad of ways.

Ghana, 2002. Nana Mensah as a baby, with village children during my Peace Corps days.

I enjoy art in every form. Other media I am conversant in include jewelry design using wire and beads, sculpture, photography, painting & drawing, ceramics, and stained glass. I am influenced by both ancient and modern artists in every medium. Each piece I create teaches me something new and opens my eyes a little bit wider.

I couldn’t imagine a life without mosaics, travel, or cooking and eating only the most delicious and nourishing things.


Professional Experience

2017: “Art Outside the Box”, Facilitator for Middle School students in creating art for Caltrans utility box art for Coronado, CA
2015-2017: Freelance mosaic artist, teacher and student
2013-2015: Head chef and manager of Gelato Vero Upstairs, a vegetarian breakfast and brunch cafe in San Diego, CA
: Mosaic art consultant to Oberoi International School, Mumbai, India
ROP Mosaic Instructor, Adult Education, Coronado, CA
: Resident artist/teacher/facilitator at Coronado High School, Coronado, CA
2002-2004: Peace Corps Volunteer: Ghana, West Africa, health education and fine art
1995-Present: Public, private and community mosaic commissions


1991-1995: Coronado High School
1995-2000: San Francisco State University (Double BA in Classics and Art)
2017: Expressive Arts Institute (Currently pursuing Masters in Expressive Arts Therapy)


2015-2016: Rotary Coronado Peacemaker of the Year


  • OIS mural unveiling
    Various Indian newspapers, December 2012
  • The Sum of Parts
    The Mumbai Mirror, November 4, 2012
  • Coronado High students create 3-D mosaic
    Sign on San Diego/Union Tribune, November 17, 2011
  • 100 Works of Art to See Before You Die in San Diego
    San Diego Magazine, August 2011
  • Celebratory Mosaic Unveiled at Coronado Golf Course
    Coronado Eagle/Journal, December 23, 2010
  • Popular Coronado Artist Reveals Latest Mosaic
    Sign on San Diego/Union Tribune, December 15, 2010
  • Sister City Getting Gift of Artwork
    San Diego Union Tribune, September 10, 2009
  • Coronado High School Seniors go to Ghana for the Arts
    Coronado Eagle/Journal, August 19, 2009
  • The Really Big Picture
    San Diego Home and Garden Lifestyles Magazine, April 2009
  • Six to Watch in 2006
    Coronado Lifestyles Magazine

Artist’s Statement

I endeavor to create works of art that are lasting, beautiful, and tell a story about and to the people who enjoy them. I love teaching and creating mosaics, and the sense of community that public art fosters. It is my goal to help strengthen and beautify the spaces that we live in.

Public Commissions

“Mosaic of Flowers”, 
Coronado Spreckel’s Park, Coronado, CA

“Long & Short Lane Donor Wall”, 
Brian Bent Memorial Aquatics Complex, Coronado, CA

“Par for the Course”, 
Coronado Golf Course, Coronado, CA

Unitarian Church, Pasadena, CA

“Water II”, 
BBMAC (Brian Bent Memorial Aquatics Center), Donor wall, Coronado, CA

BBMAC (Brian Bent Memorial Aqatics Center), Donor wall, Coronado, CA

Coronado Cays, Coronado, CA

 Student Driven Installations

“Jazz Hands”, 
Coronado High School Campus

“Wall of Celebration”, Oberoi International School, Mumbai, India, commissioned by Obero International School and created with OIS Middle and High School Students and staff.

“The River of Giving”, 
Coronado High School campus, funded by the Coronado Schools Foundation

“The Universe”, 
Coronado High School campus, funded by the Coronado Schools Foundation

“Tema, Center of the World”, 
Tema, Ghana, West Africa, in Community One

“The Sweet Piece”, Coronado High School Campus, commissioned by Coronado High School and created with Coronado High School Students

“Concert in the Park”, 
Spreckel’s Park in Coronado, CA.

Selected Private Commissions

“Birds and Flowers” Coronado, CA
“Front Entry”
San Diego, CA

“Zig-Zag Bathroom”
San Diego, CA
“God’s Eye” San Diego, CA

“Garden Table” San Diego, CA

Coronado Cays, CA
“Saylor’s Place”
Ocean Beach, CA
Goleta, CA
“Kelp Helix”
Coronado, CA

“Yoga 1 Sign”
Yoga One, San Diego, CA
“Passion Flower Backsplash”
Coronado, CA
“Flower Fountain”
Coronado, CA
“Joshua Tree Nightscape”
Goleta, CA

“Core Sample”
Goleta, CA
Coronado, CA

Rancho Bernardo, CA

Koi” Mission Hills, CA
“Austin’s Gallery” Coronado, CA
Kelp” Coronado, CA

Coronado, CA


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  1. Mark Chatfield says:

    Hey Kirstin, Mark from your Sunday walk. Meeting you was timely a mucho fun. Wow. You have a Great portfolio. Beautiful!!! Stop by anytime.

    1. kirstingreen says:

      It was really nice meeting you! See you in the neighborhood and thank you very much!

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