Recent Work

Hand Glazed Tiles for Kingston Villas, Coronado Cays, 2022

I have recently added a new medium to my repertoire: hand glazed ceramics! Contact me for custom tiles.

Lemons and Poppies, Lakeside, CA, 2022

This mural includes hand made ceramic elements. I really enjoyed creating the poppies, leaves and lemons as well as the pieces that make up the islands. The client wanted a piece that reflected her love for Italy as well as California.

Lisa’s Garden, Coronado, CA, 2021

This tiny but mighty piece ties the whole courtyard together. I am inspired by Mexican Talavera tile work lately.

Sunset Cove, San Diego, CA, 2021

The client wanted a piece that reflected their love of San Diego nature, with a beautiful and vibrant sunset. This imaginary place is inspired by La Jolla Cove.

Entry, San Clemente, 2020-2021

This is a stained glass window over the front entry to the residence. It evokes water and tides.

Temple Light, San Clemente, 2020-2021

The client wanted stained glass windows, and I looked to Mondrian to create light that would be evocative of a holy space. Each window is 2 by 5 feet.

Cosmos, San Clemente, 2020-2021

I worked closely with the client to create a mural that told the story of the universe. Included in this piece are the big bang, a quasar, comets, a spiral galaxy, a red dwarf, the moon and the earth.

Sunset, San Clemente, 2020-2021

This piece depicts a sunset with a green flash and is situated in the same direction as the setting sun.

Sunrise, San Clemente, 2020-2021

This piece depicts a sunrise behind the San Gorgornio Mountains.

Sun, Coronado, CA, 2020

This was a year of sun mosaics for me. This one might be my favorite! It reflects in the pool beautifully at night.

Yoga One, Yoga One, San Diego, 2020

Signage for my favorite yoga studio in San Diego.

Crystal Blue Persuasion, Essential Medicine, La Jolla, CA, 2019

This piece is about the healing power of water.

Healing, Sharp Coronado Hospital, 2018

This mural was very special. Created for the hospital that I was born in, and that my mother worked in for 50 years. It was an honor and I created the design using arts based research conducted on healing from grief and trauma as part of my masters degree studies. A true piece of community art.

Flowers, Spreckels Park, Coronado, 2017

This pair of murals is made from Italian Smalti. These flank the public restrooms in a park in my home town.


Roots of Wonder, Coronado High School, 2019-2022

This is a collaborative mural created with high school students before, during and after The Great Pause (otherwise known as the Covid 19 Pandemic). A multimedia labor of love, this mural references 40 novels and is an homage to perseverance, creativity, literature and imagination.

Jazz Hands, Coronado High School, 2016

information, pics and more here

Public Art

BBMAC Donor Wall, 2016

Golden Hill Fire Station, San Diego, 2015

Par for the Course, Coronado Public Golf Course, 2014

BBMAC Donor Bench, Coronado High School, 2010

Unitarian Church, Pasadena, 2010

Yoga One Sign, San Diego

Yoga One Wall Hanging, San Diego

Concert in the Park, Spreckles Park, Coronado, 2002

This was my first ever piece of public art, as well as my first high school collaboration!