YOGA ONE: “A master craftsman, a true artist and consummate professional.”

1150 7th Avenue | San Diego | CA 92101 619.294.7461

Kirstin Green is a master craftsman, a true artist and consummate
professional. She is articulate, responsive and a pleasure with which to

Founded in 2002, Yoga One is a San Diego based; award winning,
Interdisciplinary Hatha Yoga Studio. We commissioned a mosaic from Ms.
Green to be featured in our studio. The work would be seen by all of
our clients on each of their visits, so we wanted something
that represented the character and qualities of yoga; strong,
beautiful, connected, natural, transcendent, and sublime; in other
words, no small order.

We discussed visual and textural concepts with Ms. Green and she
presented us with a sketch. Later, she included color and showed us some
of the material she was considering. Even at this early stage, we
knew we were in for a treat. Throughout the assembly stages she
provided us with visual updates. Imagine our delight when the finished
piece exceeded our expectations!

Everything we hoped the mosaic would contain and embody was
articulated and more. Ms. Green put her heart and soul into the work and
it shows. The way it catches the light and changes colors throughout
the day truly makes the mosaic a living entity and focal point in our
space. We are thrilled!

Ms. Green delivered the mosaic on time and even directed the installation!

When we built a new reception area and needed artwork, we immediately contacted Ms. Green.

The bar had been set so high with the first piece we knew we would be
getting another masterful work. And indeed we did. She incorporated
our logo into a multi-dimensional, sensual and tactile design that
again completely captured the essence of what we were hoping to
express (only better)!

We highly recommend Ms. Green. We will work with her again.

The only problem is we’re constantly thanking people for their
comments regarding the mosaics. We now keep Ms. Green’s business cards
available at the front desk to expedite the myriad quires regarding her
wonderful, versatile art and skill. (:

Please feel free to contact us to discuss Ms. Green and her work. And please be our guest in class to see the mosaics in person.

Thank you and Namaste,
Michael & Amy Caldwell