Pilot Post

I have been sitting on this blog idea for a long time, not sure of how to begin. Instead of continuing with this non-action, I commence!

I introduce to you “the veggie voyager: traveling and eating off the beaten path”, my way of archiving and sharing vegetarian recipes, travel tips, and other gems. I will do my best keep it as short, succinct, and informative as possible. (Long winded blogs, while entertaining, can be a bit, well, long).

For years now, my love and I have been traveling to countries where “vegetarian” can be a foreign concept. However, I find that not only can a person eat well wherever they go, but that dietary limitations such as “no meat, please” open up doors to foods that are often times overlooked, especially in cultures where locals believe that visitors want to eat rich, expensive and indulgent foods from the top of the food chain. So in part, this blog will be about things we learn in our travels: tips and advice for those of you who are heading out to uncharted territories, unwilling to compromise on your dietary morals but eager to visit other places in this big, colorful, fun world we live in. From a village kitchen in the Philippines, where I learned how to make heart of banana flower fritters, to cycling through West Africa (a place where meat is king, for six weeks, and eating like a queen), I have watched and learned and want to share this information with you, my fellow veggie voyagers.

I am not always on the road, however, so I don’t want to limit this blog only to travel. I figure, since they say “life is a journey”, that this voyage can also be a metaphorical one as we learn and grow as world citizens, chefs, and eaters. (For the record, currently I am a ovo-lacto vegetarian. I don’t eat wheat or soy because they don’t make me feel good. I do my best to eat organic, but don’t freak when that doesn’t work out. I don’t judge.)

I’m looking forward to sharing all this stuff with you, and am quite excited to have a way to do that! I humbly ask to be allowed into the legions of food bloggers out there today, and hope that there is room for one more. Stay posted. I’ll be back soon!

Published by kirstingreen

professional mosaic artist, jewelry designer, cook, expressive arts therapy graduate student & teacher www.kirstingreen.com

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