lend your voice to my next project…

I have a great new project, and I want community input! I am currently working with Sharp Coronado Hospital to create a mosaic mural for their healing garden. I want to create a beautiful piece that both fits into the aesthetic mission of the hospital, and invokes feelings of peace and healing to those whoContinue reading “lend your voice to my next project…”

come party with me

I have been working on these two mosaics for the new public bathrooms at Coronado Spreckels Park for over a year. Now, all of a sudden, I find myself in a frantic race to get them installed and all spruced up just in time for the first concert in the park of the season. ComeContinue reading “come party with me”

¡yes yucatan yes!

The veggie voyager is at it again and when we travel I like to share. We are now just over halfway finished with our amazing vacation in the Yucatan peninsula, and I LOVE IT HERE.  What have we been doing? Eating, swimming, snorkeling, spelunking, exploring Mayan ruins, making friends and practicing speaking Spanish, mostly.  AsContinue reading “¡yes yucatan yes!”

mosaic of flowers part 1, ready for installation

I’ve been working REALLY HARD on this for months. I’ve never worked with smalti on this scale before and the learning curve was significant. But I’m ready to deliver this beauty, and get going on the companion piece. You see, this one is just for the men’s bathroom. There is another one for the womens’Continue reading “mosaic of flowers part 1, ready for installation”

vegan milk, especially for coffee

I’m not totally vegan, although one day I think that I will be. Not going to get into all the details, but I will say that there are culinary obstacles that get in the way. One such obstacle for me was my delicious morning latte. Store bought plant milks do it for me not atContinue reading “vegan milk, especially for coffee”

whole cauliflower tagine

Last year, my mother gifted me a gorgeous Tagine for my birthday. If you’re not familiar with this North African cooking vessel, it is a clay pot with a conical lid that captures steam in the cone, condenses the flavorful liquid and trickles the elixir like juice back down into the dish. It makes for aContinue reading “whole cauliflower tagine”

mosaic of flowers

My current commissions are two 5’x5′ mosaics to adorn the men’s and women’s sides of a nice new public bathroom building in Coronado, CA. Here’s a few shots of the work in progress. Shown here is the men’s side, with succulents, a passion flower, and a golden hibiscus. I’m using smalti, which is a veryContinue reading “mosaic of flowers”

jazz hands

I’ve been a busy bee. In the spring of 2016, I was hired Coronado High School to do one more student driven installation with the art classes. We completed our staircase masterpiece, “Jazz Hands” in May of 2016. Have a look at how great it turned out! I just want to say that this was anContinue reading “jazz hands”

kırmızı mercimek çorbası (red lentil soup)

I love the versatile lentil: the variety, flavor and convenience that these quick cooking pulses offer are all things I approve of. This Turkish soup is my favorite way to prepare red lentils. Velvety smooth like a bisque, I make it with even more vegetables than typically called for.    We ate this soup frequentlyContinue reading “kırmızı mercimek çorbası (red lentil soup)”