¡yes yucatan yes!

The veggie voyager is at it again and when we travel I like to share. We are now just over halfway finished with our amazing vacation in the Yucatan peninsula, and I LOVE IT HERE. 

On our way, drinking Prosecco in the Houston airport

What have we been doing? Eating, swimming, snorkeling, spelunking, exploring Mayan ruins, making friends and practicing speaking Spanish, mostly. 

Vegan eggplant tacos berbecoa at El Avocado, a vegetarian restaurant in Merida

As veggie travelers, things have been pretty easy. We’ve been eating a lot of corn products, tasty salsas, beans, cheese, eggs, avocado, etc. I’ve learned some new recipes and foods, too. I imagine vegan eating would be a bit more difficult here but not impossible. There are some Yucatecan dishes that are inherently vegetarian, and downright delicious. 


We have enjoyed papadzules, which are like enchiladas, filled with hard boiled eggs and topped with two sauces: a tomato sauce and a pepita/epazote sauce. I’ll post a recipe, veganized of course, when I get home. There are Panuchos, which are fried discs of masa stuffed with beans and served with chopped cabbage, salsa, and avocados. We’ve had quesadillas with huitlacoche (corn fungus) and tamales with chaya (a green leaf kinda like spinach). All delicious. The Yucatecan salsa is made with charred hot green peppers and a sour orange juice which I really want to replicate at home.

Mayan ruins called Labná, unmanned and so amazing.

As for non food thoughts, I can’t say enough good things about CENOTES!!! I fucking love them. I can swim in then all day long and so far we’re averaging 1 per day. There are like a thousand of them here and they are deep underground caves filled with water that are clear, swarming with fish and totally magical. Coupled with the Mayan ruins everywhere, this place is paradise on earth as far as I’m concerned. 

Me, as a mermaid in a cenote.

In short, I’m so so so happy we came here. Coming from California, I can’t believe I haven’t been here before. I’m definitely coming back! If Trump wins, I might just move here forever. 

My new Coati friend

More soon! I’m off to go have more fun now.

Kayaking in the mangroves

Besos, Kirstin 💋💋💋

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