mosaic of flowers part 1, ready for installation

I’ve been working REALLY HARD on this for months. I’ve never worked with smalti on this scale before and the learning curve was significant. But I’m ready to deliver this beauty, and get going on the companion piece. You see, this one is just for the men’s bathroom. There is another one for the womens’ side. It will be the same size: 5’x5′. It will also be flowers, just different flowers. 

Installation and unveiling for both pieces will be in the spring of 2017. It shall be the fanciest public bathroom in the land. Woohoo!

Published by kirstingreen

professional mosaic artist, jewelry designer, cook, expressive arts therapy graduate student & teacher

2 thoughts on “mosaic of flowers part 1, ready for installation

    1. Hi Jennifer, I’d love to have you assist on this! However, I can’t afford to pay a helper, so I can only do an apprentice type situation. Also, I live in Clairemont. LMK!

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