lend your voice to my next project…

I have a great new project, and I want community input! I am currently working with Sharp Coronado Hospital to create a mosaic mural for their healing garden. I want to create a beautiful piece that both fits into the aesthetic mission of the hospital, and invokes feelings of peace and healing to those whoContinue reading “lend your voice to my next project…”

art in gelato vero & the talmadge art sale

Stop by this lovely cafe in San Diego some time this month, and check out the mosaics hanging on the walls by yours truly. It’s on Washington & India. Best gelato in San Diego. Also, my vase is on the mailer for the show I’m participating in May 5th! Do come. Or, check my EtsyContinue reading “art in gelato vero & the talmadge art sale”

letter of confidence

I always appreciate it when satisfied and happy former clients take the time to write me a letter of appreciation or recommendation. Here is the most recent one I’ve received. Thank you Jill, friend and colleague out there in Mumbai, India! I hope there will be other collaborations for us in the future. It wasContinue reading “letter of confidence”