¡yes yucatan yes!

The veggie voyager is at it again and when we travel I like to share. We are now just over halfway finished with our amazing vacation in the Yucatan peninsula, and I LOVE IT HERE.  What have we been doing? Eating, swimming, snorkeling, spelunking, exploring Mayan ruins, making friends and practicing speaking Spanish, mostly.  AsContinue reading “¡yes yucatan yes!”

finished mosaic in mumbai

Hello. Yes, I realize it has been over a month since I came back from India and that I never finished posting about the final product. I just got so swept up in the final days of being in Mumbai and all that it entails to be a world citizen. Then, I reached home andContinue reading “finished mosaic in mumbai”

poha deluxe

Hi there…how are you? Me, I’m great. Have been forgoing the joy of blogging about food and am starting to realize the error in my ways. I eat amazing vegetarian food every single day here in India. One of my ‘justifications’ is that millions of others do too, and there are about a bajillion IndianContinue reading “poha deluxe”

let’s hear it for the team

I love my job here in Mumbai. I am sad that it is coming to a close and hope someone else wants me to do the same for their international school, anywhere in the world. I am just putting this out there into the subether. If you or someone you know works at an internationalContinue reading “let’s hear it for the team”

on the wall & on the road

That’s right! The mosaic panels have been completed (except for the joining seams) and we were able to install them on the wall where they will permanently reside. All this happened yesterday, a mere 5 days after returning from a blissful week of R&R with Ryan in Kerala, Southern India. Now we have 3 weeksContinue reading “on the wall & on the road”

major progress, and a vacation for me!

here is a composite photo of our progress to date. I’d venture that we are 75% there! We have made major progress. This should not be surprising, as I have not posted in 3 weeks, much to the chagrin of friends and family back in the US. Sorry. I am terrible at keeping up onContinue reading “major progress, and a vacation for me!”

saturdays are awesome…

I am sitting on the balcony of my 21st floor apartment, enjoying the breeze and loving my fun, crazy, exhausting life here in Mumbai. Sometimes I lament the fact that I work six days a week, and that at the end of the day I am so insanely tired that I just go home, chill,Continue reading “saturdays are awesome…”