tora tora

Every day, tiles get glued down, and things get done! lotus In Ghana, they say “small-small” or “kakra-kakra” quite a bit. It can refer how much money one makes to the amount of English they speak. It is an extremely useful phrase that everyone uses multiple times a day. In the States, I suppose weContinue reading “tora tora”

ganpati & other news

Last Thursday was the final day for Ganpati. I went down to the temple across the street to witness the immersion of the Ganesh idols. There is a large pool (like a big swimming pool) connected to the temple designed specifically for this ceremony, in which people come with their idols (from very small toContinue reading “ganpati & other news”


Ghana! Today, Saturday, was spent by me making the “substrate boosters” for the flags. We are doing our best to choose a cross section of countries that best represent the student body at the school. As a nod to how I indirectly got to this place, we tucked a Ghana flag in there for goodContinue reading “flags”


first glued pieces…. Today was insanely exhausting for me. I delivered six lessons on the basics of mosaic making to six adorable groups of kids. They even told me to call them my “minions”, which I found hilarious. Ulka talking to the older kids, my “team leaders”. They are AWESOME artists. There was lots ofContinue reading “progress”

getting started

It has begun! Panels are off the wall and on the floor. Tools and tiles are delivered. A small group of students have been trained. panels laid out on the floor our tools I worked with 7th graders today. I taught them vocabulary words: “Everyone repeat after me: andamento! tesserae!” There will be a testContinue reading “getting started”

catching up…

Following is a backlog of entries, as I haven’t had much chance to get online and post. Hopefully my posts will be less few and far between as I get settled. Enjoy! September 18 2012 I have arrived in style! After a 39 hour commute (which, thankfully, included a 15 hour layover near NYC andContinue reading “catching up…”

camel safari masala

  We recently finished a three day, two nights “camel safari” out of the desert city of Bikaner, in Rajasthan, India. Our party consisted of myself, Ryan, two camel men (Sankar and Aridam), and two camels (Kwalu and Moni). There was one camel for pulling a cart of supplies, one camel for riding. Our playgroundContinue reading “camel safari masala”

thali time

 Welcome to Rajasthan, a desert state south of Delhi, but still in the north of India. This is a land famous for its ancient network of kings, forts, princes, palaces, and, of course, delicious cuisine. One ubiquitous offering found all over India, but especially here in Rajasthan is the thali. Rather than one dish, thaliContinue reading “thali time”

mo’ momo, please!

  I am quite taken with these Tibetan dumplings, which are basically a version of Japanese gyoza, or the Chinese potsticker. They can be pinched shut in a half circle, twisted or presented in a cute, button-like mound with a tiny hole at the very top. They are served with intense hot chutney or otherContinue reading “mo’ momo, please!”

mountain life & sidu

Hi there! I’m finally coming up for air to check in and share some photos, stories and a recipe. I don’t even know how long its been since my last blog post but it feels like forever. I hope you can accept my apology in the form of this extremely cute puppy… For about aContinue reading “mountain life & sidu”