kelewele bites

photo by kelly bone My current assignment is to come up with creative and attractive African inspired appetizers for an event. The first thing that came to mind was kelewele (pronounced kelly-welly), a dish that I know and love from years living in Ghana, West Africa. Β West African plantains are the best I’ve ever had.Continue reading “kelewele bites”


Ghana! Today, Saturday, was spent by me making the “substrate boosters” for the flags. We are doing our best to choose a cross section of countries that best represent the student body at the school. As a nod to how I indirectly got to this place, we tucked a Ghana flag in there for goodContinue reading “flags”

Nkatiekonto & Omotuo (Groundnut Soup & Riceballs)

groundnut soup & riceballs: veggie voyager style Here is a favorite recipe from Ghana. It is one of the more famous foods of the region, with good reason: it’s delicious! Nkatiekonto is most commonly found on Sundays at chop bars (small street-side restaurants), especially in the bigger towns and cities. It is also prepared frequentlyContinue reading “Nkatiekonto & Omotuo (Groundnut Soup & Riceballs)”


When it comes to vegetarian food in Ghana and West Africa, I’m your girl. I have spent about 4 years (cumulatively) in Ghana in the past 10 years. I was a Peace Corps Volunteer there for 2 1/2 years, and while there I forged lasting relationships with many people. After I finished my service, IContinue reading “Kelewele”