first glued pieces….
Today was insanely exhausting for me. I delivered six lessons on the basics of mosaic making to six adorable groups of kids. They even told me to call them my “minions”, which I found hilarious.

Ulka talking to the older kids, my “team leaders”. They are AWESOME artists.
There was lots of practicing, but I didn’t let anyone start gluing until the end of the day.


my new friend and fellow art teacher, Shalaka.

I am so tired from working so much that all I have the energy to do is go home, eat and crash. Luckily eating entails a yummy veg restaurant just downstairs and up the road a little bit. For me tonight: palak paneer with rice and a sweet fresh lime soda. mmmmmm.

And tomorrow I can’t wait to have a smoothie made in my new blender (traded for the microwave which I convinced the school I would never, ever use). I bought fruit, yogurt and honey. Bananas are in the freezer. (You do know that is the secret to a soft serve style treat, don’t you?)

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professional mosaic artist, jewelry designer, cook, expressive arts therapy graduate student & teacher

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