another day at the office

cutest. kid. ever.
I’m loving my new job. Finally getting into the swing of things, this week has been a whirlwind of tutorials. I have never worked with such a large group of middle school kids, and I am learning a lot myself about how to instruct them. They definitely need more concrete instructions than the older kids do.



having fun!

One thing that really works for this crowd: tell them that crazy paving is like playing Tetris with triangles. You know that game? OIS students do, and it works. It’s easy to make them laugh and I am learning how to make the difficult process of learning mosaic fun for them with jokes and other playful tactics.

Figuring out what to say to them really makes a huge difference in the younger one’s performance. I am amazed.

rainbow and clouds coming along marvelously.
Other news…I got to step out into greater Mumbai yesterday to go shopping for glass and bling for the elephant. We finally located the one and only dealer of Spectrum stained glass in all of India! And he led us to a man who sells glass grinders! If you’re a glass artist in Mumbai in need of this info, let me know, I’ll hook you up. It was a fun day which included a delicious lunch stop for some uber buttery pav bhaji (one of my favorite south Indian dishes of all time).

tree, pencil.
Today we got a lot done and I hope tomorrow will be even more productive. We finally got our mirror and pane glass in (which we are using as a booster for the substrate under some of the thinner materials). The lotus flower in the middle of the design is going to be off the hook, as yesterday we were able to get iridescent pink, lavender and white glass. I can’t wait to get started!

Projects manager Deepak, teacher Ulka, yours truly, and Ma’am B. Oberoi, (the head of the school.)

elephant: mapped out, traced onto plastic under a layer of mesh.

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