e & drink in san diego

This is a shoutout to the new eatery inside the 99 ranch complex on Clairemont Mesa in San Diego. While not a veg restaurant, they do a super yummy veggie mini hotpot, complete with a litany of sauces and pickled bits to dip in and enjoy with the rice and bubbling veggies. Not being anContinue reading “e & drink in san diego”

d-k-che’ in imperial beach

You know how sometimes you find yourself in a neighborhood that doesn’t have a lot of veggie options, so you start thinking, “how bad is a little lard in my beans, really?”, or, “just one donut isn’t going to kill me…”? Well, Imperial Beach in south San Diego can be that place. So I’d likeContinue reading “d-k-che’ in imperial beach”

thali time

¬†Welcome to Rajasthan, a desert state south of Delhi, but still in the north of India. This is a land famous for its ancient network of kings, forts, princes, palaces, and, of course, delicious cuisine. One ubiquitous offering found all over India, but especially here in Rajasthan is the thali. Rather than one dish, thaliContinue reading “thali time”

sardar pav bhaji

In the past few days, we have managed to eat a lot of food. While we have yet to consume anything that has not been downright delectable, some foods are even better than others. And some places are famous for their specialties, for a reason. This would be the case with Sardar Pav Bhaji inContinue reading “sardar pav bhaji”

achchha lagta hai!

Means “It’s very tasty” in Hindi…or something to that effect. Forgive me for possibly butchering both spelling and meaning but it is what I’ve been taught to say since arriving…and I use this phrase about 10 times a day. Am I in heaven? Writing about the joys of veggie-voyaging in India is like shooting fishContinue reading “achchha lagta hai!”

A Delicious Day in Istanbul

¬†We have a very limited time here in Turkey, and an even more limited time in Istanbul. Certainly not enough time to dig our teeth into the nitty-gritty details of the culinary wonders, nor enough time to befriend people, go into their homes, and learn their recipes and ways. This is disappointing to me butContinue reading “A Delicious Day in Istanbul”

Burger Lounge in San Diego

I feel like Burger Lounge was thinking of me when they came up with a soy free veggie burger on a lettuce “bun”. It’s actually a quinoa, sweet potato, cheese blend…very tasty. There are several locations, too, so if you are out with your carnivore friends everyone can eat happily here. I recommend asking forContinue reading “Burger Lounge in San Diego”

Himalayan in San Diego

For you veggie voyagers in (or planning a visit to) San Diego, I recommend this hidden gem, which is definitely off the beaten path. left to right: malai kofta, palak paneer and alu bhanta Nestled in the La Mesa Boulevard Station (read: strip mall), this unassuming restaurant has great food, cheap house wine, and aContinue reading “Himalayan in San Diego”