d-k-che’ in imperial beach

You know how sometimes you find yourself in a neighborhood that doesn’t have a lot of veggie options, so you start thinking, “how bad is a little lard in my beans, really?”, or, “just one donut isn’t going to kill me…”?

Well, Imperial Beach in south San Diego can be that place. So I’d like to shout out to the ladies that run the new smoothie, torta and juice joint just up the road from Home Depot on Palm Avenue. Clean, friendly, fresh and a nice option for a refreshing pick-me-up.

We had the green juice, with fresh pineapple, celery, parsley, grapefruit, nopales, spinach and orange juices all in one glass. We also enjoyed tostilocos minus the cueritos (pork skin). This snack is a hodge podge of jicama, pepino, chaka chaka (?), cacahuate (peanuts), tajin (one of my mom’s favorites), lemon, chile, and chamoy. It was cruncy, salty, tangy and spicy. There were salty round corn chips tucked throughout the mix as well.

Here is the pertinent info, so that next time you find yourself in IB, you know where to duck in to!


1555 Palm Avenue, San Diego, CA 92154
(619) 651 – 8595
8 am to 10 pm

Located at the corner of 16th and Palm Avenue, just west of the I-5 freeway.

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