ganpati & other news

Last Thursday was the final day for Ganpati. I went down to the temple across the street to witness the immersion of the Ganesh idols. There is a large pool (like a big swimming pool) connected to the temple designed specifically for this ceremony, in which people come with their idols (from very small to very large) to sink them into the water, thus sending Ganesh back to his home after a brief visit in the homes of those who participate in the ritual. One great thing about India is that everyone WANTS me to take their picture, unlike some places, where I practically have to pay people to allow me to do so. Enjoy some fun shots of the evening’s festivities…

love this shot


In other news, I’ve been so insanely busy (or exhausted) that I haven’t had the energy to blog. So it’s been over a week. Admittedly, I’m the worst blogger in the world but I’ll try to do better as I do love to keep a record of the goings on here.

Fellow art teacher Shalaka and I

Work has been steadily going on. We are moving slower than I want but as fast as we possibly can without comprimising on quality and integrity. The kids get better each week with practice and patience. We are waiting on the last of our colors and I’ll be grateful when they finally show up. Enjoy the pics…

elephant plugging along slowly but surely

Shalaka looking glamorous

stairway (to heaven?)

ois = oberoi international school

Other thoughts: Traffic lights are merely a suggestion. Rickshaw drivers can be the biggest assholes in the universe or they can be the nicest people ever. Middle school kids can do great things if you know how to work with them. Conversely, they can be the most frustrating beings in the world. It is difficult for me to reconcile the my work force with the quality expected of me, middle school kids (my main labor pool) are simply not ready for a professional quality large scale mosaic project. I love my apartment but would be just as happy in something much less fancy-pants. Really enjoying the new friends I have made here and looking forward to visiting old ones. I miss my peeps and my critters, but try to relish each day and be present. I love the fact that I can have anything I want (from yogurt to vegetables to wine to dinner) delivered to my doorstep.

taking myself shopping (rickshaw ride self portrait)

More soon. Time to crash!



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