tora tora

Every day, tiles get glued down, and things get done!

In Ghana, they say “small-small” or “kakra-kakra” quite a bit. It can refer how much money one makes to the amount of English they speak. It is an extremely useful phrase that everyone uses multiple times a day. In the States, I suppose we say “bit by bit”, or “little by little” but it doesn’t mean exactly the same thing.

How’s this for an international school? American girl and Indian girl doing the flags of Germany and China….

Here in India, I am proud to report, they have a phrase that aligns itself to both the American and the Ghanaian version and I use it frequently, usually to describe both the amount of Hindi I know or the pace at which our mosaic progresses. Here you say, “tora-tora”. We are getting this mosaic done bit by bit, and it is progressing small-small. But progress it does.

Indian girl done by Shalaka in her own likeness…

Blond girl done by Kirstin in her own likeness.


introducing the little ones to the world of mosaic.

watching Gayatri work
We are even farther along than these pictures indicate, as today a bunch got done but I forgot to snap pics. Enjoy this round and I’ll be sure to send the rest along soon!

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One thought on “tora tora

  1. I LOVE the lotus flower and all of the flags! You are amazingly talented, my friend. Me do wo paaaaa….keep keeping on, kakra kakra!

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