on the wall & on the road

That’s right! The mosaic panels have been completed (except for the joining seams) and we were able to install them on the wall where they will permanently reside.

All this happened yesterday, a mere 5 days after returning from a blissful week of R&R with Ryan in Kerala, Southern India.

Now we have 3 weeks til zero hour (grouting day). Wish us luck!

Many thanks to all who have helped to make this project possible and to go as seamlessly as it has.

And now, for some pics of our 1 week tour of Kerala and the Southern parts of India…


food (eaten on banana leaves)

monkey gaze


gorgeous sunsets

motorcycle tour

canoe rides

crazy spiders

we even found ourselves…(surprise!)…mosaicking.


queue for ferryboat

made it to the beach! (celebrating a happy 6 years with this awesome fellow)

crazy roads to travel on

sukhasana in a motorcycle helmet…power break from riding.

exciting signage.

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