design for kelp mosaic

I’m using this blog to archive not only day to day mosaic progress but also sketches and cartoons that have or will become mosaics. This is the cartoon for an outdoor shower in Coronado, CA.


I am so happy that the recipient of this mosaic let me do as I would. I really enjoyed the process.

Here are previous sketches, each the result of discussions with Mr. Client.

This is the installed mosaic, before the stucco or the shower head.

I really like the andamento in the water. And the kelp glass is getting harder and harder to find. It’s called Uroboros, and I dread the day when they stop making this beautiful material. 
All the silver fish are made from mirror and are designed to swim through the finished wall. A warm beige stucco is to go around the mosaic. 
I wish to thank my helpers, Sarah Bouscaren and Elizabeth Austin for everything…

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professional mosaic artist, jewelry designer, cook, expressive arts therapy graduate student & teacher

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