gf almond doughnuts

This post is dedicated to the hard work of other amazing food bloggers. I love the vibrant, prolific exchange of creative energy and knowledge that is happening out there in cyberspace. I love being a small part of it, as well.

When I saw this recipe, I had Ryan order me a silicone mini doughnut pan and went out to buy the necessary ingredients. I finally got around to making them this morning, and true to their word, they are fluffy and light and moist. The recipe comes from the phenomenal gluten free food blog Gluten Free Girl and the Chef. I love her recipes; the ingredients she uses align perfectly with my tastes and she puts most other GF versions to shame. She writes cookbooks with her chef hubby and they have a very sweet story, which is intertwined into each post in a lovely way. She seems to know her stuff, or at least has advanced far in her journey.

Anyhow, she (her name is Shauna Ahern) posted a recipe for these almond flour doughnuts, very closely adapted from another website called Roost. This is another lovely blog to explore, with recipes and tidbits of information. Coco of Roost seems to be the original author of this interesting, easy and delicious recipe.

The version I made was closer to the gluten free girl’s as I added powdered ginger and lemon zest. I didn’t have honey so I added 1/4 cup of sucanat and a little bit of water to get the mess going in the blender. For a glaze I simmered 1/4 cup of almond milk, a few drops of almond extract, 2 cups of sucanat and a pinch of salt. After removing the doughnuts from the pan, I dipped them in the glaze and let them cool. Ryan came in with a chocolate glaze that we then dipped in coconut which was also divine.

I usually use my leftover almond pulp for baking recipes, and I think I shall try the next time with it, but for this time, I went out and bought almond flour, as I really wanted to honor the original recipe, to see just how fluffy they really were. I was not disappointed. They are seriously good.

Here is the original recipe: Roost 
Here is the recipe I used: Gluten Free Girl and the Chef

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