friday february fifteenth

I have been working on vases.  I just put the most recent one up on Etsy. I think they’d make a great gift, my mosaic vases…but I am, of course, biased. 😉

I used smalti for this on a
glass form. Smalti is a beautiful, irregular glass mosaic material that
has been used for centuries. This particular smalti is from Mexico, but
originally it comes from Europe. Think Byzantine churches. This material
is more expensive than most other mosaic materials but it is one of the
most pleasurable and rewarding to work with. Lots of midcentury modern mosaic pieces (think Madmen) use smalti as well, and this is the look I was going for here.

Here it is on Etsy if you’d like this vase for yourself.

Also going in on in the dungeon and beyond, friend and fellow artist Aiyana has made this tip jar for the Mission Cafe in San Diego. Let us know if you need a tip jar for your cafe or place of business. I love it.

Published by kirstingreen

professional mosaic artist, jewelry designer, cook, expressive arts therapy graduate student & teacher

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