gluten free chia-flax-rice roti

While in India, every time I had a wheat based dish I’d start thinking about how when I got back to San Diego that I’d make a gluten free version of whatever I was eating. I had all kinds of ideas. I still do, so stay tuned for veggie voyager versions of all kinds ofContinue reading “gluten free chia-flax-rice roti”

GF Butternut Squash Bread Machine Bread

I always have almond pulp! This means that I’m always experimenting with baking.  If you’ve got a bread machine, and are looking for gluten free recipes for it, here’s another one. I made it vegan, because I don’t want to exclude my vegan friends. This bread is very flavorful, moist and rich. I could barelyContinue reading “GF Butternut Squash Bread Machine Bread”

Gluten Free Corn Bread

It seems like corn bread recipes are a dime a dozen in the blogosphere. Here’s mine, for all it’s worth. I have made quite a few of the corn bread recipes out there, never feeling quite satisfied with the results. So I tweaked and tailored until I got this winner. I really like the wayContinue reading “Gluten Free Corn Bread”

Gluten-Free Bread Machine Bread

I have to admit, we have a lot of kitchen toys. But we use them all! One fun gadget is a bread machine that we secured on Craigslist for $10. I always poo-pooed bread machines, but when I decided to stop eating wheat, and discovered that storebought GF breads are gross, a bread machine suddenlyContinue reading “Gluten-Free Bread Machine Bread”