chocolate raspberry cupcakes, and a new mosaic

I’ve been in Goleta, CA near Santa Barbara for the past week installing a mosaic walkway for Ryan’s sister and her beau at their house. It’s gorgeous here, just up the road from a butterfly sanctuary, meadow, and a bluffy, beautiful beach. Look up and you’ll be sure to spot a flock of pelicans inContinue reading “chocolate raspberry cupcakes, and a new mosaic”

Home Made Almond Milk & Amazing Chocolate Cake

Almond milk, how do I love thee? Heaps of ways! Let it suffice to say that, once you know how easy it is to make, and how delicious it is to drink, you will never go back. I make almond milk every couple of days to enjoy in coffee, with cereal, or to use inContinue reading “Home Made Almond Milk & Amazing Chocolate Cake”