breaking the silence

I’ve been away…but I’m back. Working on a new project for Tiff & Mike’s house. This is to be their front walkway.

tying up loose ends…

I’m leaving for Turkey tomorrow, then India. So I won’t be posting here for about 6 weeks. I will, however, be posting on the veggie voyager… Here are the last few projects to come out of the dungeon as of late. See you in April! -K by liz austin alex darlak kyana van houten

tuesday february 14

happy valentines day… great job, alex! finished! just needs grout Martha Byrne

friday february 10

In no particular order, here is the progress report…I have been lagging, so there is a little bit of a backlog   Abby Aldridge Aiyana McGowen Nicole Cerdinio Bridget Winn Liz Austin  

wednesday february 8

Here are some pics of today’s progress… amazing job, Nicole Cerdinio! Liz’s flower pot is ready for Root 75 making a sign for the dungeon… And here is the butterfly…closing in on the black!  

tuesday february 7

liz austin has made a flower pot, to be sold at Root 75  I’m getting there with the butterfly mosaic…

saturday’s progress

Just a quick update via the phone camera… All the orange bits of the butterfly mosaic are cut, ground and glued.

this week in the dungeon

There’s a lot going on in the dungeon these days. I have several students that spend much of their free time here, plus a bunch of others that make appearances at least weekly. Here are some pics of work being done right now by students…I am in awe flower centers for a repair job details…