A New Veggie Voyage… 5 days & counting!

turkey-india friendship pin

Have I mentioned that we are embarking on a six week veggie voyage through Turkey and India, starting Sunday? No? Oh, sorry. I’ve been too busy adding recipes and ideas to The Veggie Voyager, in order to gain a following so that I can do these things I love: traveling, eating , being, and connecting with the world at large.

I am so excited! I finally got my India visa back from the Consulate (apparently, $20 at the gate in the Istanbul airport is all that is required to get into Turkey). India, however, required a proof of residence (major utility bill, copy of your signed lease, or ID with address on it) as well as money, passport photos, extra pages added to my passport, and a slew of other bureaucratic requirements. I was anxious for weeks, waiting for my passport to arrive safely back at my doorstep.

But now, we go! It will be cold, I’m told. This makes backpack travel a little more cumbersome but that is our goal. We will be traveling on a shoestring budget, as usual. We have been urged to visit Cappadocia in Turkey; we have been told it is just incredible there. And I have been studying basic Turkish, without all that much success (merhaba=hello, seni seviyorum=I love you). Here is a great link for basic Turkish lessons (a girl after my own heart, she has a slang section, a “for your lover” section and a Turkish texting section). I haven’t been studying up on India nearly as much, mainly because Ryan lived there for 2 years, we have a support system of friends and colleagues there, and we’ll have about 4 weeks there, versus a whirlwind 8 days in Turkey. We will fly into Mumbai and out of Delhi, and plan to do most of our traveling in the north of India. Ryan’s Indian hometown is called Manali, in the foothills of the Himalaya, not far from Tibet. About 6 years ago I was on the eastern border of Tibet, in China, and am looking forward to seeing and learning about the Indian version of Tibet.

I simply can not wait to learn about all the wonderful foods we will be eating while on this journey. I am used to traveling in countries where is difficult to be a veggie voyager. I am told that Turkish food is wonderful. I spent about 6 months in Greece a lifetime ago and I absolutely loved Greek food. From what I hear, Turkish food is similar, maybe better. I’ll let you know if I agree, as I thought Greece was the bee’s knees. And India is like a vegetarian’s heaven, according to everyone I know who has been there.

I will do my best to seek out unusual dishes and recipes while on this veggie voyage as well as reporting on the classics. I imagine that due to limited internet access that there won’t be a post every day, but please check back from time to time to see what we are up to. I will probably suspend my no-gluten rule to some degree while traveling, as Ryan will probably have to suspend his no-dairy restriction. As a veggie voyager one must choose one’s battles. We are already somewhat of a pain-in-the-ass for not eating meat, and to flat out refuse to eat bread or dairy would be culinary suicide if you ask me. (Sorry, to those of you out there who have no choice. I am not, thankfully, suffering form celiac disease, and my GF status is voluntary) That said, I will diligently report back on all the indigenous GF offerings I encounter, with pics, stories and recipes that you can try from home.

If you like my blog, please share it with others! I love doing this and would love to continue doing this. Join! Comment! Share! I promise, it will only get better. I have hundreds of recipes in my mental file cabinet, just waiting for me to archive and share.Β 

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