Viva La Green Smoothie!

There are a lot of blogs out there dedicated to the benefits of green smoothies, with good reason. Imagine eating the equivalent of an entire salad, with a whole head of lettuce or kale or spinach or chard along with the juice of 4 oranges, and a basket of strawberries and a whole mango inContinue reading “Viva La Green Smoothie!”

Baja Style Veggie Tacos

When we were in Baja with friends last year, we stopped for tacos in San Felipe one afternoon. Angie and Chris enjoyed the house specialty: fish fried in a delicate, crispy golden batter with the usual accoutrements: fresh radishes, salsa, slices of avocado, and crema on a corn tortilla. Ryan turned to me and said,Continue reading “Baja Style Veggie Tacos”

I Heart Broccoli

Did you know that one of the best things about broccoli is the heart? This is what we call the tender, crisp, juicy center of the stalk. When prepared with the crowns, it’s like adding an entire new vegetable to the mix. Every time someone discards the stalk in our presence you can be sureContinue reading “I Heart Broccoli”

Oh My Gulay!

The Philippines eating bibimbap in Incheon Airport As I organize my notes and pictures from a trip taken to the Philippines over a year ago, I am reminded of why I wanted to make this blog. It was on this trip, where food could have been a challenge for these two veggie voyagers (but wasn’t,Continue reading “Oh My Gulay!”