Noble Canyon & Alpine Brewery

happy love day… Here’s a “fungestion” for you…   About a one hour drive from San Diego proper is a trail that takes you through forest, valley, meadow and lake. This is one of those magical spots that I actually hesitate to post about as I love the tranquility and peacefulness of the place, butContinue reading “Noble Canyon & Alpine Brewery”


When it comes to vegetarian food in Ghana and West Africa, I’m your girl. I have spent about 4 years (cumulatively) in Ghana in the past 10 years. I was a Peace Corps Volunteer there for 2 1/2 years, and while there I forged lasting relationships with many people. After I finished my service, IContinue reading “Kelewele”

Oh My Gulay!

The Philippines eating bibimbap in Incheon Airport As I organize my notes and pictures from a trip taken to the Philippines over a year ago, I am reminded of why I wanted to make this blog. It was on this trip, where food could have been a challenge for these two veggie voyagers (but wasn’t,Continue reading “Oh My Gulay!”