Apple-Cinnamon-Walnut Muffins

 Happy Sunday! Here is another tasty addition to the-muffins-made-using-almond-pulp (and a buncha other stuff) collection…And they’re vegan to boot! I was a vegan for a long time and I have decided to post more recipes without eggs for my vegan readers. (Know, too, that you can usually omit the eggs in these recipes, as theContinue reading “Apple-Cinnamon-Walnut Muffins”

Celeriac-Potato Mashup

Ah, celeriac. It’s as if potato and a celery fell in love and had a baby. This funny looking root vegetable is crunchy and ugly and tastes kinda celery-like. We discovered its wonders when we were on the raw food road. My (and Ryan’s) hands down favorite way to prepare celeriac is as a rawContinue reading “Celeriac-Potato Mashup”

Nkatiekonto & Omotuo (Groundnut Soup & Riceballs)

groundnut soup & riceballs: veggie voyager style Here is a favorite recipe from Ghana. It is one of the more famous foods of the region, with good reason: it’s delicious! Nkatiekonto is most commonly found on Sundays at chop bars (small street-side restaurants), especially in the bigger towns and cities. It is also prepared frequentlyContinue reading “Nkatiekonto & Omotuo (Groundnut Soup & Riceballs)”

Noble Canyon & Alpine Brewery

happy love day… Here’s a “fungestion” for you…   About a one hour drive from San Diego proper is a trail that takes you through forest, valley, meadow and lake. This is one of those magical spots that I actually hesitate to post about as I love the tranquility and peacefulness of the place, butContinue reading “Noble Canyon & Alpine Brewery”

GF Butternut Squash Bread Machine Bread

I always have almond pulp! This means that I’m always experimenting with baking.  If you’ve got a bread machine, and are looking for gluten free recipes for it, here’s another one. I made it vegan, because I don’t want to exclude my vegan friends. This bread is very flavorful, moist and rich. I could barelyContinue reading “GF Butternut Squash Bread Machine Bread”

Penne Rosé

The unabbreviated title of this dish might be “Vegan, Gluten & Soy Free Penne Rosé with Mushrooms, Cauliflower & Chard”. For me, it is the pinnacle of comfort food. I am eating it as I write and it is deeeeelicious. About two years ago, I deduced that I am allergic to most soy products. PriorContinue reading “Penne Rosé”


When it comes to vegetarian food in Ghana and West Africa, I’m your girl. I have spent about 4 years (cumulatively) in Ghana in the past 10 years. I was a Peace Corps Volunteer there for 2 1/2 years, and while there I forged lasting relationships with many people. After I finished my service, IContinue reading “Kelewele”

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

  I have had requests from a couple of bachelor/college-student friends for easy recipes that they can make. I think my grasp of “easy” in the kitchen is distorted due to the fact that I think that everything is easy…some things just take more time than others! I also realize that they were probably askingContinue reading “Chocolate Dipped Strawberries”

Creamy Hemp Seed Salad Dressing

I’d like to tell those of you who don’t already know, about the wonders of hemp seeds. This super-food has amazing qualities both culinary and health-wise. When consumed raw, hemp seeds are a healthy dose of essential fatty acids, omega-3s, and antioxidants. We like to sprinkle them on salads, omelets, and dips. They can beContinue reading “Creamy Hemp Seed Salad Dressing”

I Heart Broccoli

Did you know that one of the best things about broccoli is the heart? This is what we call the tender, crisp, juicy center of the stalk. When prepared with the crowns, it’s like adding an entire new vegetable to the mix. Every time someone discards the stalk in our presence you can be sureContinue reading “I Heart Broccoli”